The Center for Artificial Intelligence and
Environmental Sustainability (CAIES) Foundation

Combating the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 (corona virus) has devasted the world by killing millions of people the cruelest way it could. The Bihar state became one of the worst affected states of India in the second wave of the COVID-19. The CAIES foundation has initiated several activities to protect the netizens of Bihar, India, through research, education, awareness campaigns, training, and financial supports.

Sustainability Fund for Coronavirus Victims

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, several families have lost their bread-earning members, putting the rest of the families at the highest risk of survival. Although it is impossible to support everyone, supporting a few of them could motivate other organizations to come forward and join hands together to save victims’ families. The CAIES foundation initiates a drive to provide remote job opportunities to families who lost their bread-earning members. The initiative will be named “Sustainability Fund for Coronavirus Victims.” The foundation intends to create a database of victims to find suitable job opportunities for them. In case of unavailability of relevant jobs, a life-support amount of Rs. 2,500/family/month will be arranged for the next six months.